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Registration & Bird Order

The May 2021 training clinic will be held Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May 23rd,
at the Rossi Farm near Quakertown starting at 7:30 am each day.
Bird orders must be in by Monday May 17th.
Repeating, Bird orders will not be accepted after Monday May 17th.
If you are not ordering birds we ask that you register for the event no later than May 20th.

Note: Dogs may react negatively and possibly aggressively in the presence of a masked owner or others, please try to acclimate your dogs to masks as much as possible before the training weekend.

Welcome to the registration form and bird ordering form for the Hickory Run Training Clinics. As was the case in previous years registration is required in advance of a clinic. The object is to be able to schedule the resources, trainers and equipment to reduce standing time. The important thing to remember is that handlers are responsible for being at the right place, on time and to initiate working with their dogs rather than sitting and waiting to be called. The handlers should also offer to help others who have similar issues or maybe have a problem which they, themselves, have successfully resolved.

To help with the planning and scheduling please complete the following.

E-mail Address*
Check if this is a change to a previous registration: 
I wish to participate in the Field Steadiness & Water Steadiness Seminar
I wish to participate in the Fur Tracking Seminar
I wish to participate in the Trap Safety Seminar
Training Days You will attend: Saturday:     Sunday:
Dog's Ability Level
Beginner (Natural Ability)
Intermediate (Preparing for Utility Test)
Advanced (Utility Level)

Invitational (Preparing for the Invitational)
Training Objectives/Comments
Order Birds
Please note we will have available 75 pigeons and 140 chukars. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis, Please be considerate when ordering.

Bird Number - birds must be paid for & picked up on Saturday.

There have been a couple of occasions where a registration has not received a confirmation. If this happens please email me at andyuhler@gmail.com or call me at 610-666-7574.

Note 1: if an event is postponed or rescheduled it is necessary to confirm your order. This is necessary since the change may mean that your schedule may conflict and you may not be able to attend or your training needs may change.

Note 2: If you need to change your order before the close date this form can be used. Simply check the Change Order Box, complete all the fields and resubmit the form.

Note 3: Please order only those birds that you will use at the training.

Note 4: Hickory Run Chapter charges $15 per handler per training weekend to cover expenses such as permits and insurance. All fees are payable at the beginning of a clinic.

Note 5: Birds will be distributed at the beginning of the first day of the clinic, if you cannot be there on the first day please make arrangements with some else to pick up your birds and pay for them. Hickory Run can not be responsible for birds that are not picked up on the first day. Please bring your own crate (normally a cat crate will work) to store the birds until your are ready to use them. If you have ordered ducks or pheasants please make sure your crate is large enough to hold them.

Note 6: If you have ordered birds and are unable to attend you are still responsible for the cost of the birds.